INDIGO, a commercial brand jointly built by Sino-Ocean Group and Swire Properties, was unveiled in Beijing in 2012, and its natural, elegant experience has won great popularity among the public. In 2016, Sino-Ocean Group selected a site by the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in Hangzhou to build a similar shopping center brand - GRAND CANAL PLACE.

GRAND CANAL PLACE inherits its natural experience from INDIGO,

and its modern spatial design represents a respect for 

and resonance with the leisurely pace of life in Hangzhou.

Starting from here,GRAND CANAL PLACE organiclly integrates fashion 

elements with art and focuses on taste, personality and healthy living- LOHAS,

which gradually takes its shape during the brand establishment of GRAND CANAL PLACE.

In pursuit of further developing its brand, 

GRAND CANAL PLACE aims to lead consumers from life to LOHAS. 

GRAND CANAL PLACE is environmental friendly, respects urban culture, 

provides a high-quality and natural space, 

and creates a place for art and fashion where everyone can find their personality. 

No matter how the trend change, GRAND CANAL PLACE is your source for LOHAS, 

a place where quality and satisfaction meet.

Understanding fashion trends from the perspective of style rather than

the superficial class and label, is what GRAND CANAL PLACE is all about.

all aspires to bring consumers more diverse fashion concept inspiration 

and build an urban fashion icon vane with a brand-new perspective.

Inheriting the rich humanistic connotations of Hangzhou 

and valuing its mission to serve as a public space for cultural 

inheritance and innovation, GRAND CANAL PLACE put foward artistic 

imagination life attitude. With its theme of cultural and creative space, 

unconventional artistic creation and brand operation with art activities, 

GRAND CANAL PLACE fosters imagination and inspiration, making it the home of cultural creation. 

In-keeping with Sino-Ocean Group’s healthy living concept,

GRAND CANAL PLACE introduces the commercial format of sports 

and health on the basis of ecological building.

With its dynamic plaza, flat roof and new interactive-media elements, 

it provides a healthy and full experience for consumers.